The Pre-Purchase exam

Its that time of year! The holidays! and with the holidays come ponies under the tree : Have you scheduled your pre purchase evaluation for that special gift? Now is the time to do so. The pre purchase generally takes 1-3 hours depending on the extent of the exam. I always recommend a full physical, lameness, neurological exam as well […] Continue Reading

Laminitis in the horse

Laminitis is one word no horse owner ever wants to hear, for that matter veterinarians never want to say it either. It is one of the most difficult and frustrating, following no text book in any given horse, type of condition that many have had to deal with in some form or another. What is laminitis ? It is a […] Continue Reading


I recently had to put down a horse with this condition and so I thought it would be worth the effort to discuss this with you as clients.  It is a condition that is frustrating to treat and heartbreaking to watch the horse go through. Lympangitis is an infection in the lymphatic system. It tends to be recurrent and most […] Continue Reading


COLIC If you are a horse owner you will at one point most likely encounter an episode of colic with your horse.   Maybe its the high temperatures and high humidity but it seems to be a high number of colic cases especially in my older patients recently. Colic can range from mild to severe, but it should never be […] Continue Reading

Equine X-rays in San Juan Capistrano CA

It was a fun day with Dr. Silvia Colladay taking radiographs on this beautiful horse at Sycamore stables in San Juan Capistrano, CA.   First the vet checks the heart before giving the  horse a sedative Every horse considering size and demeanor are very different this horse was very easy going and didn’t need much. It usually take 3-5 minutes […] Continue Reading

Equine dental x-rays at Sycamore Equestrian Center

Why is it necessary to X-ray a horse’s teeth? Oral examinations only show approximately one-tenth of the horse’s tooth. Sedation can help the doctor hold the mouth open longer to use light, digital camera, visual and physical examinations, However with 90% of most teeth not being visible there are many things that can not be seen with an x ray. […] Continue Reading

Geriatric Horse check up at the age of 35 in Orange County

Geriatric Horse check ups generally are done more than an adult horse’s annual check-up   Listening to your horses heart This is done with a stethoscope and should be listened to on both the left and right side of a horses chest just behind the elbow. Normal heart rate in a horse is 30-45 beats per minute. Normal respiratory rate […] Continue Reading

Dr. Silvia Colladay DVM attends the “HorseCareForLife” conference sponsored by Purina and Merck Pharmaceuticals.

Clients should be looking in their email soon for an invitation to join in on this exciting new website designed by equine veterinarians an nutritionists. The Horse Care for Life program provides you with expert information that is tailored specifically to your horses age and activity. It also provides a simple and effective way to keep track of your horses […] Continue Reading

veterinary medicine mobility act 2013

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE ACT: The AAEP Welfare and Public Policy Advisory Council is working with the AVMA and Congress to ensure that veterinarians can provide complete care to their animal patients. With the recent introduction of the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act of 2013 (H.R. 1528) we have the opportunity to make an impact. As large animal veterinarians, most of us have […] Continue Reading

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