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Coastal Veterinary Medicine Inc is a Full Service Integrative Equine Veterinary Medicine Mobile Practice servicing Orange County and parts of Riverside and Los Angeles County. Call

(949) 290-0881

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Dr Silvia Colladay

Dr. Silvia Colladay is the President of Coastal Veterinary Medicine Inc has been servicing Southern California as an ambulatory veterinary practitioner since 2001 after she received her degree from the University of California –Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

X-Ray/ Radiology

Dr. Silvia Colladay has the absolute latest technology in radiographs along with many years experience reviewing them. There are many things to consider when choosing the right doctor for Equine X-Rays. Dr.  Colladay will work with you and your horse evaluating soundness issues and determining the next steps in acquiring radiographs.  Her equipment can evaluate from the feet all the way up to your horses neck and back and skull.

lameness evaluation


Stress, strain or injury can take a toll on any horse, even one with no obvious conformation defects. When lameness occurs, you should contact your veterinarian promptly. A prompt examination can save you time, money and frustration by diagnosing and treating the problem immediately, possibly preventing further damage.

Pre-Purchase Exam

Dr. Colladay takes pride in performing a very thorough pre-purchase evaluation on a potential new horse for you and your family. Whether this is a “free ” horse or a potential large investment she treats them all the same from the ground up. She wants you to walk away with confidence you made the right choice. Her evaluations consist of a physical, neurological and lameness examination. Blood work if requested but highly recommended. Radiographs are also highly recommended. Ultrasound of tendons/ligaments if deemed necessary. Endoscopy of the airways is also suggested.

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